Thursday, February 24, 2011

Intricate beauty by design: Marian Bantjes on

Intricate beauty by design:
Marian Bantjes on

I know many have seen this video already but I love what Marian Bantjes has to say about individuality in design work— specifically a personal approach to her own design work.

Traditional-mainstream design has been compared to a "Crystal Goblet"... allowing the message of the writer to come through a clear design. From this perspective, the designer's personality, interpretations, and style should not be visible to the reader.

Ergodic Design processes make this impossible—and for a reason.

The designer has something to add to a work, resonance, joy, understanding, added connections, interest, or a "sense of wonder" or even an ability to "evoke curiosity". Ergodic design has the capability of bringing a "world of wonder" to Adult Literature.

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