Monday, August 29, 2011

Under Cover: a letterpress storybook

Letter-pressed work has a way—by it very tactility—of making the reader aware of the process of it's production.

In this limited edition book, Jacque Lynn pulls the reader further into the story by "breaking the third wall" and having the main character in the book interact with the reader—trying to escape the pages... Flipping the pages of the book causes an interaction between reader and character furthering the story line.

A limited letterpress edition {100} of Jacque Lynn’s charming children’s book, Under Cover. The story stems from the idea of a character literally coming to life.

32 pages, printed on Mohawk Superfine, 70lb paper
4″×5″ pamphlet stitched
Fabriano paper cover, Grey

Novelty elements and paper mechanics are employed to introduce a tiny boy who lives inside the book and is constantly trying to escape the page boundaries.

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